Tantamount Editorial Services

Welcome to Tantamount Editorial Services. We are here to provide you with professional proofreading, copy editing, editing and writing services at exceptionally reasonable rates. With our help, you will have a polished product which will garner respect and praise in your industry.

Our goal at Tantamount Editorial Services is a final product that is easy to read and comprehend without sacrificing your unique voice and style.

Free Sample Edit. We are so sure you will be impressed with Tantamount Editorial Services that we will provide a free sample edit. Send us two double-spaced pages from your document and we will proofread and edit it with the different levels of service we provide, or you can specify the level of service you desire.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from a free sample. Your submitted pages will be kept in the strictest confidence and will be used only for the purpose of providing you with a free sample. We always guarantee your privacy.

Proofreading and Copy Editing. If it is in written form and is meant to be read by others, we will make it better. Our proofreaders and copy editors assiduously check for grammatical and typographical errors and eliminate them. We ensure that commas, apostrophes and all punctuation and quotation marks are used correctly. Tantamount Editorial Service editors and proofreaders catch improper word usage which is missed by spellcheckers. We notice and correct continuity problems with character names, places and internal timing.

Editing. At Tantamount Editorial Services we can go beyond proofreading and copy editing and help rewrite a document to better convey your own ideas. Our editors make suggestions, not demands. We do not pretend to have invented the English language, only offer suggestions to better utilize it to your benefit.

Writing.Tantamount is here to help those who have a written project due but struggle to produce a coherent sentence, much less a complete document. Our freelance writers will work closely with you to complete any written project and make you shine. The best part is that no one need know it was produced with the assistance of Tantamount Editorial Services.

Web Content Editing and Writing. Our web content writer and editor will vastly improve the look and readability of any website. We specialize in polishing websites and pages which are in English but clearly written by those proficient in other languages.

After a Tantamount Editorial Services treatment, no one will know that a non-English speaker originally composed the site. Improved readability will keep visitors on the site longer, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase or perform some other desired action.

Law Students and Lawyers.We have over twenty years of experience editing and proofreading all types of legal documents. If you are seeking work in the legal field, utilize our experience to improve your writing sample, resume and cover letter.

For our attorney clients, Tantamount editors will cite check and polish all forms of pleadings, memorandum, and opinion letters.

Tantamount Editorial Service editors edit and proofread legal documents, but do not give legal advice.

 Make It Tantamount To Perfection─Always Yours, Only Better.™ 

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