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At Tantamount we have over twenty years of experience in editing, proofreading and writing a myriad of documents in the business, legal and educational arenas. This website is a good example of our writing style, but we pride ourselves on writing in your style, not ours. 

Merriam Webster tells us that “tantamount” means equivalent in value, significance or effect. Our tagline says it all. With our help, your writing will be equivalent to perfection without sacrificing your unique voice and style.


“When I saw that Lori had finally launched her new website, I just had to say something. I have been using Lori’s services for something like ten years now, I don’t even know if I could get by without them! Her prices are so reasonable for what a phenomenal job she does. I always carefully look over the papers that I send her, but without a doubt, she finds the little things that I missed every time. And it’s so nice that she keeps her edits to a strictly grammatical basis, something that you won’t always find with other similar editorial services. But don’t get me wrong, she can also edit your work on a much deeper level, strengthening your overall tone while keeping you grammatically accurate. Bottom line, I would be lost without Tantamount. I would highly suggest this to anyone who wants their papers or books to be taken up a notch.” —Sara E., University Student

“I highly recommend this quality editing service. I was very pleased with the polished writing samples with comments that are helpful and considerate. Very professional and reliable! Thanks!”—Anonymous (Law Student).

Tantamount has not only offered me excellent editing and proofreading services, but has helped me resolve a sticky point in formatting a manuscript. I highly recommend them.”                            Guru client

“When it comes to working with providers, TantamountEditorial strikes me as a company I would like to rate above 5+- because of a combination of enthusiasm, professionalism, generosity and dedication which exceeds almost every person or organization I have ever dealt with over the years in this capacity. As an experienced professional writer/editor and newly emerging publisher who needs final proofreading and editorial services, I am looking for an association that, like myself, understands the value that one should offer one’s clients in terms of a completed manuscript. TantamountEditorial is committed to providing that value, which makes not only my work, but the professionalism of the team I choose look very good. More than 5+ good. You establish a reputation for being trustworthy by not only being trustworthy yourself in your work but choosing companies and people you work with that are trustworthy. So, by using TantamountEditorial I am involved in a win-win situation for my company, my client and TantamountEditorial, which deserves full credit for its phenomenal contribution to the final product. ”                                                                  —JohnnyBlueStar, Elance recommendation

“Lori Rocks! I will certainly use her service again. She is sweet, professional and highly competent, a joy to work with.”                                                                                                                               —Divat64

“I am extremely pleased with the work done by Tantamount Editorial. They finished the project ahead of schedule and within the budget. Not only did they find numerous grammatical errors that had been missed by several others, their suggestions on areas to improve the article were outstanding. I would not hesitate to work with them again. If you are looking for fast, knowledgeable and professional editorial service I would highly recommend Tantamount Editorial.”                        —DEliotgov

“Lori from Tantamount Editorial Services is my recommended insurance policy for serious writers, publishers and editors- or any business person who wants their copy to be legible and error free- and, if needed, enhanced and clarified. I have used her for various projects recently- one book has just been published and another is about to be published. She is timely, efficient in her output; very personable and easy to work with and often creative and insightful in her comments (a value that must not be over looked). I most wholeheartedly recommend her.”
Service Category: Writer/Editor
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity                                                                             JohnnyBlueStar, LinkedIn recommendation

“Highly recommend!” Derek, Woodegg.com

 Make It Tantamount To Perfection─Always Yours, Only Better.™

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