Final Project Format 

Format: All editing will be done with the Track Changes feature of  Microsoft Word. With Word Track Changes, a red-lined version with proofreading and editing marks will be provided. If you are unfamiliar with the Word Track Changes feature, we will walk you through the process of either accepting or rejecting our changes. Be sure that you review all comment boxes for possible revisions that still need to be made. 

Alternate Methods: If you dislike the Word Track Changes feature, we can edit your materials however you wish. Some clients like us to make all necessary minor changes, and then highlight any substantive changes or comments in the body of the text. The additions can be easily seen, and the comments can be simply deleted. Then, all the changes can be reviewed in the Compare Documents feature of Word.


Hard Copies: Some customers may wish to mail a hard copy to us and have the proofing and editing marks made directly to that hard copy. The fees for this service are the same, but will also include a return postage charge. Upon receipt of payment, the completed project will be returned to you via the carrier of your choice. If you wish to utilize hard copies, please send an email to us advising of mailed submissions. We will make telephone or email arrangements for the services desired and follow up with a confirming email.

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